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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Ordering and Payment
FAQ about Shipping
FAQ about Ballz, General

FAQ about Ordering and Payment

How do I order from Orgasm Alley?

You can place your order online, through the mail, or over the phone. If you'd like to discuss your needs, email is the most effective way to ask questions and receive advice. You're also welcome to call me at 888.380.8840 as described on the Contact page.

Is online ordering from Orgasm Alley safe?

Absolutely! I'm not a computer security guru, and don't pretend to be. Orgasm Alley uses a third party shopping cart hosted on servers continually maintained to the highest available security standards. Actual credit card entry is performed through a gateway of equally high security. No information is ever maintained in or transmitted through an accessible environment.

What forms of payment do you take?

Orgasm Alley accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, cashiers check, money order, personal/business check (10 day hold) and wire transfer. More detail about these payment methods is available on the Order page.

As owner eBay has instituted a policy banning adult-related transactions through their PayPal system, Orgasm Alley cannot accept this form of payment.

How long after I pay will you ship my order?

I try to keep all Ballz Bits and Sets in-stock, and generally ship within 3-5 business days of confirmed payment. In the event of a stock-out, I will contact you via email or phone to provide an estimated shipment date.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

Only if your ship-to address is in Texas. If so, I do need to collect 8.25% of merchandise total for the state tax man. Residents of other states are not required to pay sales tax under current law. International customers may be required to pay taxes and/or duties based on the laws of your country of residence. These charges are the customer's responsibility upon receipt of the unit.

Do you sell wholesale? Will you resell my product?

Yes, Ballz are available wholesale. Please complete the Ballz Merchant Form for additional information. I do not resell other folks' products. First and foremost, I am a designer and craftsman.

FAQ about Shipping

How do you ship Ballz?

Ballz ship via USPS Priority Mail in the United States and USPS Global Express Mail to all International destinations. Expedited shipping is available upon request via email.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, almost anywhere the USPS goes... about 150 countries worldwide. Orgasm Alley does reserve the right to refuse an order based on required shipment to select countries. That includes Nigeria, so please stop emailing me that your Prince Regent Head Honcho has died leaving millions for the purchase of sex machines ;).

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charge varies by destination and order contents, but I do my best to keep shipping costs to you low... typically less than my actual postage cost.

If someone sees the box, will they know what's inside?

No way! You will receive a plain box with no indication of contents. The return address is my name and address. Packages exported from the US do require a declaration of contents. Ballz are accurately described as "machined parts."

How many days will it take to get here once you ship it?

USPS Priority Mail is a 2-3 days service in the US. USPS Global Express Mail, used for International deliveries, is normally a 3-5 day service. Like most USPS delivery estimates, these tend to be optimistic by a day or two in my experience. Among other issues, in-country carriers have been known to cause additional delays to International shipments. Global Express Mail service does not have real tracking capabilities. It has been extremely reliable, however.

FAQ about Ballz, General

How do I clean/sterilize Ballz?

All components of the Ballz system may be boiled for best home sterilization. For faster cleaning, they may also be run through the dishwasher. Bleach may be used on all stainless steel components, but is not recommended for the handle.

The foam case insert in is three parts, which may be removed for hand or machine washing. The case itself should be hand-washed with a mild detergent. If you are unable to clean your Ballz before placing them back in the case, you should use sandwich bags or another plastic barrier to prevent contamination of the foam case insert.

How do I assemble and disassemble my Ballz?

All components of the Ballz system screw together. These parts use right hand threading: clockwise tightens, and counterclockwise loosens. To assemble a particular configuration, screw the relevant parts into one another in the desired order. By hand only, tighten the entire toy using the two end components. If using a small end ball, or if your Ballz are already covered with lubricant, the included rubber hand pad may be helpful in properly snugging the toy.

Disassemble by reversing this procedure, turning counterclockwise by hand to detach components. It is often possible to hand-tighten something beyond the point of easy hand loosenning. The included wrench and rubber hand pad may be helpful when disassembling Ballz. Grab only the narrow body segments with the wrench, and ensure all contact is on the padded portions of the wrench arms. Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to scratching of your Ballz, which is not covered under warrantee.

Will there be still bigger Ballz in the future?

Yes, but not immediately. The cost of both stainless steel and the machining required goes up exponentially as the desired end result gets bigger. I will be more comfortable investing in an inventory of even larger Ballz when more folks own Ballz.

Please note that stainless steel acts and feels bigger when compared to similarly sized flexible toys. A 2" diameter Ball can feel about the same as a 3" diameter gel dildo, since the latter compressess significantly when going through a ring of muscle. There is not flex or give in stainless steel ;)

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