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This will be the end of the Ballz line, in my opinion the finest stainless steel dildo toys ever. The huge increases in the price of stainless means I won't be machining any more of these parts. All prices marked down, the case is no longer available.

Nothing compares to the heavy, cold, and smooth feel of stainless steel toys! Of course, metal is a more complex material to craft than silicone or latex. As a result, metal -- and particualrly stainless steel -- toys are expensive compared to rubber equivalents.

That's why I invented Ballz. Instead of owning a couple of stainless steel dongs, you can own a stainless steel toy system... a set of components capable of making dozens or even hundreds of different toys!

The components of the Ballz system interchange like building blocks. They use common threading... a few quick turns and two parts securely interlock. Assemble a series of ball and body segments, add a base and/or handle, and you have a custom-sized stainless steel dildo ready for play!

Ballz components are precision machined from stainless steel, except the handle which is turned in plastic. They are durable, fluid-impervious, and easy to clean and sterilize. The ends at each connector meet perfectly flush for a tight and pinch-free fit.

Ballz Sets are the ideal way to get your Ballz. These preconfigured sets each build a range of different dildos, and generally come complete with a secure carrying case to protect your Ballz.

Ballz Bits lets you create your own set of Ballz, or extend your current selection of components. Every piece of the Ballz system is available for individual purchase.

Ordering describes the secure online ordering system, other ordering options, and more general policies relevant to the purchase of Ballz.

Frequently Asked Questions addresses many of the most common questions about Ballz, ordering Ballz, and stainless steel toys more generally.

Links to interesting and informative pages and sites around the web.

Contact provides options and information about contacting Paul with other questions, to place an order via phone, and so on.

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