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Ballz Sets

The sets below are the ideal way to start your collection of Ballz! For each set, you'll note below a picture and list of included components, a general description of the set, and a link to a gallery showing some or all of the configurations possible with that set. Secure purchase is available from this page.

UPDATE: Only selling Master Sets.

Ballz Master Set
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Components (22)
1.25" End Ball (1)
2" End Ball (1)
1.25" Middle Ball (1)
1.5" Middle Ball (1)
1.75" Middle Ball (1)
2" Middle Ball (1)
0.5" Body Segment (5)
1" Body Segment (4)
1.5" Body Segment (3)
Base (1)
Handle (1)
Case (1)
Wrench (1)

The Ballz Master Set is the ultimate collection, allowing you to assemble a huge range of different stainless steel dildos. You get two different end balls and one each of four middle balls. A total of nine body segments in three different lengths provide lots of options for the finished length of your toys. You get a hefty base and handle, of course, and a sharp-looking padded aluminum case with foam insert to safely store and transport your Ballz!

The Master Set makes all configurations shown for the Basic Ballz and Big Ballz, plus many, many more! Some additional configurations are shown in the Master Set Gallery.

No case or wrench included, 50% off sale applies.

Ballz Master Set, no case, 50% off! - $250

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