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Welcome to the world's most complete selection of fine sex machines

Every Orgasm Alley sex machine is of original, thoroughly tested design. Each unit is handcrafted to exacting standards of quality. My descriptions are 100% accurate and honest. Unlike some others, I don;'t inflate my machine statistics or set a motor outside the safe continuous duty range to make it look better than it is. When you purchase from Orgasm Alley, you're buying from among the finest sex toys available... you get the longest warranty in the industry and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The catalog below provides an overview of the most complete collection of fine sex machines offered by manufacturer, big or small. Each picture and machine name leads to a comprehensive description -- including more pictures -- of that model. Tough time choosing? Read my Comparison Guide. While I believe the perfect sex machine for nearly everyone will be found in the selection below, custom commissions are always welcome. Many of these machines may be viewed in action with beautiful girls at and

From motor changes to minor modifications to completely custom builds, I also always welcome inquiries beyond the catalog below.


The Spinner
This unique accessory adds a new dimension to your thrusting sex machine... rotation! Three modes, full control over speed and distance moved, and the power for even huge dildos.

Probe Beast
Introducing much more powerful versions of the Probe design, with max stroke length to either inches.

Black Magic and Black Magic XL
Introducing less-expensive versions of the Black Magic and Black Magic XL, featuring Chinese motors for the budget minded customer.

"Thanks to you, I have the sex machine of my dreams. Your really came through! Thank you for all of the help and advice." [testimonials]

All the power of the popular Kong, for those who don't need the giant stroke length. Extreme performance in a more compact footprint. From $1500. On Sale Now

The new monster sex machine, Kong, features huge power and a tremendous 12" maximum stroke. From $1500. On Sale Now

Spank-O-Matic II
Pneumatic power, computer control, the ultimate spanking machine! From $800. On Sale Now

"I am satiated beyond measure! Your excellence is your signature!" [testimonials]

Black Magic
The Black Magic line delivers flexibility and ease of use beyond any other machine, with an integrated stand that bends like a snake but locks down as rigid as welded steel. From $1100 and $1300.On Sale Now

Black Magic XL
Featuring the same Black Magic stand, the larger XL head provides more power and a big 8" maximum stroke length. From $1200 and $1400. On Sale Now

Black Magic Twin
This superb double penetration machine delivers twice over, featuring a true double head with fully independent arms. From $1800.

"I am very impressed, the machine is amazing. My wife and I love it." [testimonials]

The mighty steel Stallion is built to last forever. With swinging arm, aluminum flywheel, and loads of power, this is a superb sex machine. From $1400. On Sale Now

Stallion XL
This bigger, longer stroking version of the Stallion shares its durability, industrial looks, and outstanding performance. Big 8" maximum stroke length. From $1500.

Mini Stallion
How much power can be packed into a very small space? The Mini Stallion answers that question. A mighty sex machine that's practically all motor. From $1050.

"Made me cum within 10 seconds... and yes it is fast and hard enough. :)" [testimonials]

Durability and flexibility combine to make the Marauder a great all-around sex machine. From $870.

Marauder XL
A larger unit, the Marauder XL is another great all-around machine with longer stroking capabilities to eight inches. From $970. On Sale Now

Big Daddy
This hefty unit features the extra power and monsterous 10" maximum stroke for demanding deep anal play. From $1070.

Two fully independent arms make the Deuce a superb machine for double penetration. From $1700.

"It is a masturbating device. It is a robotic slave. A Sex Machine! Satisfaction on Demand!" [testimonials]

Sleek and sexy, this nice aluminum Attache case conceals a full-featured fucking machine. From $870.

Compact and ultra-portable, the powerful Toolbox works as hard as you need it to. From $940. On Sale Now

The Glide
Orgasm Alley delivers the first full featured fucking machine with complete electronic control over stroke length, change it from the hand control on the fly! From $1400.

"All I can think to say is "Oh my God oh my God!!!"" [testimonials]

Beautifully constructed in American Oak, the Invader is visually stunning and offers superb performance. From $1400.

Invader XL
The same beautiful styling and craftsmanship as the Invader, with strokes to eight inches! From $1500.

The Stool
This sturdy stool drives your pleasure from below, with it's unique underslung machine. From $850.

Fucking Chair
Sit helplessly bound to this beautiful hardwood chair while it works you over. Design the chair that meets your needs. From $1800.

"It is truly a pleasure to own and use such a beautiful machine." [testimonials]

This wonderfully flexible machine adjusts for height and angle, and breaks down for compact transport or storage. New and more powerful motor. From $550 and $850. On Sale Now

Probe Beast
Using the Probe body design but delivering more power and speed, the Probe Beast features stroke lengths to 8" and 1/4 horsepower for dildos of any size. From $650 and $950. On Sale Now

Mini Mite
This ultra-compact, lightweight machine it perfect for the casual user, and built with all the quality you expect from OA. New and more powerful motor. From $450. On Sale Now

Hole Saw
The Hole Saw provides a very different fuck, with it's super fast, short stroked pounding. From $140.

"I am very impressed, the machine is amazing. My wife and I love it." [testimonials]

Gang Bang
Delivering the wildest of mechsex, the Gang Bang can do up to four targets at once! From $1250. On Sale Now

Custom steel stands built to securely withstand the most rigorous action, while providing maximum setup flexibility.

Adapt your sex machine to your unique needs by selecting the right accesories.

See many of these machines in action with beautiful women at: Sex machine video Sex machine video
Full Sex Machine & Fucking Machine Catalog Fucking Machine Customer Testimonials Ordering Information for Sex Machines & Fucking Machines Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Machines Policies to Buy Fucking Machines Contact Paul about Sex Machines
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