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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II, Hand Control

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Spank-O-Matic II, Disassembled

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Why Controls Make the Spanker

It is relatively simple to craft a mechanism that makes a spanking motion. I've designed that at least a dozen different ways, using several different approaches to providing the force... gravity, rubberbands, springs, pneumatics. At its simplest, a spanking machine is simply such a mechanism designed to make this motion repeatedly. Achieving this objective, one next looks at how the user can control the machine. At a most basic level, you turn the machine on and off. Next, you'd like control over how fast and how hard the stokes come. Finally, an ideal machine provides the ability to string strokes together in ways more interesting that rote repetition.

If the objective is to give X whacks and stop, very basic controls suffice. On the other hand, that bears little resemblance to a real spanking, either for punishment or erotic purposes. A human spanker typically varies each stroke to create an overall effect on the recipient. Time between strokes, individual stroke power, and location all vary throughout a spanking. Most spankers will not operate with machine-like precision for either power or timing, creating some uncertainty in the target.

The simple fact is that the ability to provide more comprehensive control makes a spanking machine that much more versatile. The SOM II -- through either the hand control or your PC -- provides a rich range of user controls. Naturally, you can use it "dumbed down" in a simpler manner. A fast car can be driven slowly, but if your car is slow you don't have the option of going fast.

Direct Spanking Control

One of the unique and powerful aspects of using pneumatic power in a spanking machine is that it is a direct acting mechanism. An input or trigger signal creates each stroke. Contrast this with spanking approaches that load and release a power reservoir, be it gravity, a rubberband, or spring. Something -- typically a motor -- builds force against resistance, and at some point releases it. These designs do not provide direct action but indirect, where an input (power to motor) acts on the loading task, and a separate release system you don't direct actually creates the spank.

Having direct control is a great way to play, whether alone or with a partner. Specific control over each individual stroke makes the spanking machine an extension of the spanker (person in control, even if that person is also the spankee). Adjust the power and hit/click the button, and you make a single stroke exactly the way you want it. This direct action option is like giving a personal spanking without the wear on your hand! It's a great option over the Internet, too.

More Control -- The SOM II Hand Control

The SOM II was originally released with the excellent SOM II computerized hand control, which provides extensive user control over the spanking action. A microcomputer in the hand control accepts your input and drives the action, controlling stroke durations at the millisecond level for exacting control over the power delivered to the impliment. In brief, the hand control provides:

- Manual button for direct control over each stroke
- Power knob, providing infinite control over the stroke power
- Speed knob, providing infinite control over the delay between strokes in automatic modes
- Manual/Auto switch, toggling between direct and computer control over the action
- Automatic mode selector, accessing 8 different automatic and random modes of computer-controlled spanking

It's difficult to completely describe the robust control these features provide over the spanking action, especially if you've owned or used a spanking machine that only operates in a periodic mode. The hand control lets you play the SOM II like a fine instrument to create the spanking YOU want. It comes with a convenient 10' cord, detaches from the SOM II head unit for easy storage, and is powered from the 12V available at the head unit.

Even More Control -- The SOM2PC Control System

The next level of control is available now, the SOM2PC Control System. SOM2PC interfaces the SOM II machine to your PC, putting the spanker under your computer's control through the included Windows software. This section describes the full targeted SOM2PC capabilities. For current development status and release data, please see the SOM2PC page.

The hand control's capabilities are somewhat limited by the finite number of user inputs that can be connected to the microcomputer. Change to the PC platform, and these limitations fall completely away, opening the door to nearly limitless control possibilities. All of the hand control functions are implemented in the SOM2PC interface, and often with greater functionality particularly in terms of delay lengths... for example, where the hand control spaces strokes up to 15 seconds apart, the SOM2PC system operates without such limits. Then there are the unique control features available only through the SOM2PC, such as:

- Burst function available during Manual mode operation, send a series of identical strokes with a single click
- Richer functionality in the standard Automatic and Random modes
- Segments allows you to save Automatic mode settings in a database, name them, and recall/replay with a single click
- Sessions allows you to assemble Segments into a spanking session that you can replay, modify, and even share with others
- Save and send someone a spanking Session... their machine does what you tell it, and they don't know what to expect
- Record mode lets you save a series of strokes and replay them exactly the same way... try it with a movie or music!
- Connect to another PC over the Internet and run their spanker on them, or have someone remote run yours on you, anywhere in the world
- Operate timed control over an external device, such as a key or cuff release

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