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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II, Hand Control

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Spank-O-Matic II, Disassembled

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Senco Compressor

SOM II Testimonials

The Spank-O-Matic II was officially released in late May, 2009. They've been shipping briskly since then, and as always I encourage owners to share their feelings about their machine after getting a reasonable amount of experience using it. Customers are always welcome to email me their thoughts... if it's an interesting testimonial, please indicate that I can use it or expect a request to do so in response. All testimonial providers are kept in the strictest confidence.

SOM II Owner somewhere you can send mail from writes:

My wife Ann and I are in our early 70s and have been spankos for as long as we've been together. One slight problem is that, although I am willing to spank Ann as hard as she wants —- and over the years I have gotten very good at knowing just when and how hard she wants it —- she can't bring herself to really lay it on me. She is OK with playful spanks with a riding crop, but can't bring herself to give me a real beating [...]

This owner sent me three highly entertaining typed pages via snail mail detailing his enjoyment of his SOM machine, the Iron Lady. It's a great read! Thanks to the wonders of OCR, I present his words unedited, in their entirety. Click here to read

SOM II Owner in MN writes:

I am thoroughly enjoying my machine. I use it about 1 time a month and each time I'm so surprised at how much it can tear up my butt. Just like Mom used to give when she was really pissed. Thought you might enjoy an audio of my latest spanking. It still hurts to sit and it's been 2 days!

This owner also sent an audio file, shared with permission (on YouTube with a splash screen): Click here to play

SOM II Owner in Burr Ridge, IL writes:

We bought the SOM II in early 2010. For years, we fantasized about having a genuine computerized spanking machine. Yet, we never expected that a real commercial machine would be this affordable and effective. The fact is, the Spank-O-Matic II has every feature we fantasized about in a “spanking machine” and it's still in good condition after three years of regular use.

It's the only existing, commercially available, device that could be called a “spanking robot.” The complete package with the bench, the SOM2PC software (running on a PC), the Automator and the Time Release Restraint System is a great deal; compare it to what you'd pay for a good sofa or a good HDTV with blu-ray.

Since we already had three nice spanking benches (and we also had each other to handle the restraints manually), we omitted the bench and the Time Release Restraint System. The unit is fast to assemble and disassemble. For convenience, we keep it assembled in our “play room”and connected to our compressor. Our compressor is a little loud, but there are quieter models (like the one Paul sells); we keep ours in a closet and it only runs for about 5 minutes per hour during a typical session. We keeps the compressor output set at 90 PSI and the tank maintains a 120 to 150 PSI pressure range. It looks great and it's easy to maintain and keep clean with just a little oil and some “wet wipes.” Even after 3 year of regular use, it's still going strong with no problems.

The SOM2PC software is what makes the SOM II vastly superior to anything else you can buy. Except for changing implements or re-positioning the machine, everything can be handled from the PC (intensity, rapidity, intervals, etc.) Storing instructions for complex sessions is really useful. And, integrating web-cams into the mix lets us monitor and document what we're doing.

Speaking of web-cams, these are particularly useful when remotely operating the SOM II. By using a web-cam mounted behind the SOM, it's easy to see whether you're “getting to the seat of the problem” from thousands of miles away. A true “long-distance relationship” would really benefit from this.

The bottom-line: This is a one-of-a-kind pain/pleasure machine. And it's really only limited by your imagination: It can give a quick “six-of-the best” caning for a solo player. But, it can just as automatically, give a the spankee a progressively-intensifying multi-hour trip into “sub-space,” while leaving the person operating the SOM free for other types of interaction with the spankee.

We highly recommend it.

SOM II Owner in the Upper Midwest writes:

Check out this owner's article in the Wellred Weekly (Vol 2, issue 1), an online publication from The Spanking Library: A Personal Review of the Spank-O-Matic II

SOM II Bench Owner in Phoenix, Arizona writes:

Hi Paul. I saw a notice about the new PC software release, and am really excited about it. The recording and sessions features were original selling points for me and its great to see them added to the product! It also seems like a perfect time to write you a testimonial.

I have owned my Bench for nearly two years now. I found you from the Robospanker site, and spent what must have been a month reading back and forth about these two options, so similar yet so different. I certainly haven't regretted either buying a spanking machine or the choice of the Spank-O-Matic. I use my spanking machine once a week and sometimes more, sometimes just enough to warm up my ass and sometimes to leave it deeply bruised for a week. I've made a couple of different paddles on my own as well as come up with unique toys to use with the cane holder. The ability of the spanker software to give me a unique experience each time is simply invaluable, and with the new features thats just going to get even better. You make a really good point about the new networking, too. I have let several people "drive" my spanking over a virtual control conenction, but have always had to watch them on my screen because they've got total access if they'd like to do me wrong. No one has, but it will be much better to let go knowing they cannot do anything but operate the spanker.

I can recommend your SOM Bench to anyone who wants a spanker and bench combo. I store mine in a closet, by just taking off the legs and spanking mount. Everything else stays where it belongs, so I can take it apart in about a minute and put it together in two or three minutes. It is super stable and very comfortable. The machine is attached directly to the Bench so it always stays in the right place. It is really amazingly convenient for such a large piece of furniture.

And the spanker itself? Just wow! Using the Senco compressor from you, I know that I am not "fully powering" my spanker. I don't know what kind of iron ass someone has who needs to do that, but that person is not me. I have WAY more than enough power. Once I added the Automater, I was able to take a long and hard spanking when I want to, and can now basically decide how many days I'd like to wince when sitting!

Thank you for making a longtime dream a reality for me, and for your excellent customer service and support. You have a fan for life.

SOM II LT Owner somewhere in Wisconsin writes:

Editor's note: The link below opens one of the most unique testimonials I've ever received... so unusual that I've contemplated it for a couple of months now and am still not entirely certain what to think of it. I've named it the "Testimanifesto," and you might as well be warned that it's not a ten second read. In addition to a fair bit of commentary about the SOM II system, the author expresses some interesting philosophy. It references a custom hairbrush paddle built on request, apparently quite a hit! I certainly wish this owner the very best with his machine... thanks for the great words, of which I present every last one, but for the signature!

Read the "Testimanifesto" in a new window.

SOM II LT Owner in Waterloo Iowa writes:

I wanted to let you know that I finally got the SOM Lt set up and all I can say is WOW, that has a heck of a spank. In fact it kinda scares the heck out of me, but in a good way. I used a small harbor freight air compressor and could only take 6 hard wakes before I had to shut it down. Looking forward to playing with it again.

Yes please do include in your Testimonials, or I can write something up for you.. Either way very impressed with your creation. I haven't had much time to play with it but so far very happy. Also I wanted to let you know, it was very easy to set up and I can see the endless possibilities with it.

Editor's note: The above paragraphs were in two consecutive messages, and I have every hope this LT owner will provide an update after some more experience. I felt this fresh first-impression would be useful.

SOM II Bench Owner in Sydney, Australia writes:

First, thank you so very much for working with me to ship my machine. It probably was not as painful for you as me, but all that careful packing was obviously time comsuming!

It has been several months with my bench now, and I can firmly conclude that it is one of the best investments I have ever made. I use it every week or two, either alone or with my wife topping me, and it is everything I had hoped. The bench itself is incredible. We do frequently use it simply as a bondage bench, because it is so adjustable and versatile. I have made a couple of "special" accessories that connect to the extrusion, which I will share with you separately as you might wish to do something similar. When I do a session solo, the TRRS is great, since it allows me to securely lock myself and keep precise control over when I may get free, and I generally use a second timer to allow the machine to spank for a set time before turning off. Then I sit and suffer, unable to touch or see my poor ass until the TRRS timer lets me go. I look forward to more functionality in the computer software in this regard.

The best facet of the Spank-O-Matic for us is that it is so powerful. We've been married for nearly 20 years, and there has always been a mutual awareness that my wife cannot spank me nearly as hard as I actually prefer, without using a paddle larger than she is comfortable with and exceeding her physical capabilities. It's not been our preference to seek "outside help" from someone else, either. With the bench and machine, however, she can easily meet and exceed my needs, and exceed is oh so good! As she has become comfortable with the spanker, she's become quite an artist at mixing between strikes from the machine and her own. The SOM II "softens me up" sometimes so much that her bare hand is excruciating and makes me howl.

I am a completely satisfied customer, and can heartily recommend the Spank-O-Matic to those considering it.

Editor's note: 1: The GenTwo beta software release is now available, and offers complete control over the TRRS from the computer. 2: Australia has restrictive limits on package size and weight for Priority and Express mail. Getting a bench to Australia requires at least one package shipped Express Guaranteed (FedEx) and three total packages, resulting in quite high shipping fees. This is also true of the UK.

SOM II LT Owner in rural Michigan writes:

I thought you might like a better testimonial than my first one, since I have now owned my LT for nearly three years. The machine is everything it was promised to be. It hits harder than I will ever want, and softer than I'm interested in bothering with, and I can flick a dial and get from one extreme to the other. I self spank, mostly in the manual mode. After all that turmoil about spending another $100 on the full hand control, what it turns out I want is the anticipation of pushing the button and getting what I deserve. I decide in advance how many strokes I need, and that's a contract with myself. Every stroke, if I can take it harder I turn it up a little and have to hit the button again. I don't ever turn it back down. Sometimes I am only halfway through when I wish it was over, and I have left REALLY severe bruising on my backside. This serves, of course, as a reminder to follow my won rules. So that's me. All the other stuff is true: it's really easy to set up and tear down, adjustable in every way I have ever wanted it to be, quiet, super hard hitting, fits neatly under the bed, and so forth. What matters most to me is that it does EXACTLY what I need it to do. For that, you have my eternal thanks. I could not be happier with your product and support.

SOM II Owner in the UK writes:

All arrived safely, many thanks. Really pleased with the SOM too - it felt like a gamble buying something like this over the internet, but it really does deliver all you promise on your site and more. Congratulations on a great design - am very glad I choose your product over the robospanker! Thanks too for your excellent customer service and fast turn around on the order.

SOM II LT Owner in the SF Bay Area writes:

I'm very happy to write you a testimonial, because I absolutely LOVE my LT! Like everyone, I'm skeptical of the claims I read on the Internet, and your site certainly makes some. I feel like I could go down a list and back up every single one:

? yes, this machine hits hard!
? it's super easy to put together (thanks for the video!) and adjusts in a snap
? if you can think up a position, the SOM 2 is able to do it
? using the hand control is surprisingly like spanking someone, and provides a remarkable amount of finesse to the user
? upgrade to the full hand control, because the auto modes are cool, cool, cool
? it's very easy to take this machine back and forth to my partner's house or a party, although I found the golf case you mention way too big for it
? it's a great caning machine
? did I mention that it hits really hard?!?

Thanks so much for making this amazing spanking machine!

SOM II Owner in rural Texas writes:

Thanks for the great machine! It works every bit as well as you describe, and maybe even better. I have not been able to find someone to spank me, so the Spank-o-matic is a perfect solution. I love the way it works and it is certainly effective. I would strongly recommend this machine.

SOM II Owner in Chicago Illinois writes:

Hi Paul:

As I told you, I want to write a testimonial for your spanking machine. I've been using my new SOM for the last six months, and feel it's as good a time as any to send my thoughts. I'm not quite sure what to say so I'll just tell my story.

I bought a Robospanker years ago, and while it works OK, it's not going to get a great review from me. I didn't really realize how limited it was until I came across your SOM machine. I thought about it, and realized that every spanking I had had from the Robospanker over the last several years was exactly the same. It's really only good for one position, so I would always lie on a bondage bench I own. I use the hard setting, and don't ever change it, and wish it had more to give. I take maybe a hundred whacks, maybe more, until I feel done. Then I jerk off. Same thing, every time. I knew I had to try your machine.

I was initially very impressed with the construction quality of the SOM. It's obvious that lots of thought went into the design, and it just says "quality." It was easy to set up, the instructions were good, and everything worked out of the box. I immediately made the mistake of whacking myself too hard, and with poor aim. A lesson, indeed! I must have been in quite a rut, because my first handful of spankings wer ein that same old position. But I really enjoyed playing with the power, timing, and programs on the hand control. The machine was awesome!

Since then, I've tried almost everything I can think of. I use the computer connection more than I thought I would, but the hand control remains more convenient for me, since I can play in the garage where I store it. I've added all of your paddles and canes, plus a couple of my own. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a bench to go with my machine, mostly because of the restraint option. Thank you so much for the incredible machine.

SOM II Owner in Tarpon Springs, Florida writes:

I use your machine in my wife's discipline routine, and we occasionally take it to a play party. It's a big "hit" in both roles. Thanks!

SOM II Owner in Banff, Canada writes:

Right on, fabulous piece of equipment. Very happy customer here.

SOM II Owner in Dearborn, Michigan writes:

1. Overall... amazing, really impressive;
2. The power is much better than I expected;
3. Even the base controls give a lot of options/flexibility;
4. The restraint device is great... so simple yet effective;
5. The 4610a compressor is perfect for it; Aside from being soooo quiet, one of the 2 connections is regulated... so you can 'top it off' but still have a smaller pressure/airflow if desired;
6. I didn't think of this when I ordered it, but the automater really helps make it so a session can last longer;

Editor's note: the referenced compressor is a DeWalt unit, slightly larger than the Senco.

SOM II LT Owner in "an unnamed beachside town," Florida writes:

I have spanked myself repeatedly with my new machine over the last month, and just can't get enough of it. You have let me live out a lifelong fantasy that I never had the guts to do in real life. I am certain that spanking myself with a machine isn't the same as having a real spanker work me over, but it is as close as I am going to get and one hell of a lot better than dreaming about it. Thank from a satisfied customer (in an unnamed beachside town, please).

Michael Masterson of writes:

It hits harder than you could ever require. I have dialed things in with the computer control, much more from the SOMII soon. This thing is a beast, from sensual to severe with the flick of a finger. I am a very satisfied customer.

SOM II Owner in Atlanta, Georgia writes:

My husband is THE poster child for the vanilla world and wants nothing to do with spanking me. I was very frustrated and tired of asking him to do it; finally, I just gave up. One day (about a year ago), I saw the RoboSpanker on a video clip and ordered one immediately, not taking any time to look into it further. HUGE mistake! When the RS came, it was so large and heavy, all I could do was back my car out of the garage and slide the two boxes into the furthest corner, where they remain today...unopened and covered with cobwebs! I couldn't possibly have moved or assembled it alone (and certainly couldn't ask my husband to help!). Furthermore, I have no idea where I would have "hid" it between uses! What a waste of money!! Then, just a couple of months ago, I did a "spanking machine" search (out of curiosity) and found the SpankOMatic II. I ordered one and have been absolutely THRILLED with it's performance!! It is easy to assemble/disassemble and even easier to use...alone! I finally feel complete and it has even sparked a new flame in our sex life!! A couple of nights a week, I have a "date" with my SOM II and go to bed with red (or purple!) buns, a smile on my face, my husband's arm around me and my SOM II neatly tucked away under our bed!! (BTW... This is the closest I would ever come to cheating!) ;) Please add me to your long list of HAPPY, RED-BOTTOMED CUSTOMERS!! Great job on this wonderful, marriage-saving invention!!

SOM II Owner in Undisclosed Location writes:

The machine is amazing. Someone must have an ass of steel to need more power than this.

SOM II Owner in Sherman Oaks, California writes:

Paul -- the SOMII is fantastic! Wow... don't know what to say :) we are just starting out and haven't had a chance to explore all the features including the auto mode but I'm sure it's gonna be very exciting!

SOM II Owner in London, UK writes:

Simply brilliant! I had very high expectations for your SOM II machine, and they have all been exceeded. It was a tremendous hit at a recent club night where it went paddle to paddle with your competitor and, you might say, spanked that other machine. The SOM II is incredibly sleek and sexy, and works even better than you claim. Thank you so much for the newest and best tool in my toybox.

SOM II Owner in Modesto, California writes:

I've been using the spanker several times a week since it came in June, and have to say it's the most amazing toy I own. So far, whether I'm alone with the machine or using it on a friend, there's nothing I have wanted to do that it hasn't been able to do. It's very powerful! Congratulations on a great machine, you have one very satisfied customer!

SOM II Owner in Hugo, Colorado writes:

Just wanted to write to thank you for a great machine. I am truly enjoying it.

SOM II Owner in Rochester Hills, Michigan writes:

The Spank-O-Matic II is a brilliant piece of machinery. I live alone, and play the same way, but I don't want a big black box sitting around and that kept me from that "other" machine. My spanker is very easy to store and move about, although if it is broken down all of the way there are lots of pieces to deal with. I haven't yet gone to find a golf bag per oyur recommendation, but do expect to end up using one. It hits plenty hard, that's for sure. Great work, I'm quite pleased!

Future SOM II Owner in undisclosed location writes:

This isn't exactly a testimonial, since I haven't bought your machine yet, but I wanted to let you know that your explanations and approach worked for me. I knew I wanted a SOM II when I first saw it. However, I read your counters to the Robospanker claims, and then went to read the claims themselves. Your links and explanations are clear and present a good case but I remained concerned about the compressor health risks from the Robospanker site. I decided to write DeWalt, the company that made my air compressor. Their response requested that I read the manual to understand all risks and concerns with the compressor. I did, and that sealed it for me. Nothing about the health risks of bacteria or oil, ventilation was related to spraying things, and draining the tank is no big deal and something I already do. I want the more capable machine and will be ordering my SOM II in time for Christmas.

Although the SOM II was brand new in 2009, it's been in development for years and thoroughly tested throughout, of course. The final pre-production model provided many hours of spanking over one last test weekend at the Texas All-State Spanking Party just before being released, and you can read a little about one target's experience in Zed and Ginger's blog, here: Texas Allstate Party 2009 Part II. (Note: This blog has since gone to an closed format, and is not available to the geeral reader.) A long-time skeptic of spanking machines, she concludes the SOM II portion of her tale with this: "I was actually thoroughly impressed with this machine. It wasn't a pansy machine - it actually delivered quite a good wallop!"

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