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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II, Hand Control

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Spank-O-Matic II, Disassembled

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Senco Compressor

Customer requests that built up for seven years are all delivered in the Spank-O-Matic II, the machine that spanks the competition!

About the Spank-O-Matic II

The Spank-O-Matic II is a revolutionary spanker powered by compressed air. The action of a pneumatic cylinder is an outstanding power delivery profile for spanking, paddling, and caning. The SOM II isn't the first pneumatic spanking machine... one has been at Burning Man for several years, I hear that Pacific Force may have used one, and the site uses one quite regularly. Each provided their own bit of inspiration. If you'd like to see a machine in action with similar striking capabilities, but lacking the extensive controls of the SOM II, check out Chimera Bondage.

Since 2002, I've delivered quality spanking machines using a traditional design approach, motor driven and spring or gravity powered. Throughout that time, I've been experimenting with pneumatic power... it was clearly superior for a spanking machine, but not easily made feature-rich. It finally became clear that power source is only half of the equation. The SOM II breakthrough is the combination of pneumatic power with highly capable microcomputer control. The SOM II computer provides complete user control of stroke power in real time from the remote handset. It also provides a series of automatic modes, both patterned and random, that make the machine perfect for the solo player.

The single paddle is designed to be used across both buttocks, unlike my previous commercial SOMs. The paddle is heavy 3/8" clear polycarbonate, virtually unbreakable and strong enough for anything. Options are available in the accessory section. The SOM II offers you total flexibility in setup. The stand supports the head unit at any height, from the floor to about 36" high with infinite adjustability. The head can both swing and pivot... turn relative to the stand and the ground to work in any direction and at any angle, from straight up to straight down. Complete control over spanking speed and power from the hand control, in real time. You're not limited to spanking on a bench. Go for it on the bed, the ground, kneeling over, even suspended or in a sling! You are looking at the ultimate spanking machine.

Spank-O-Matic II Capabilities and Controls

The SOM II hand control contains the built-in computer and it's controls. Everything can be done from here, and completely in real time. Two knobs, each with a numbered dial, adjust stroke power (top) and the speed function for automatic modes (bottom). There's an ON/OFF switch, of course. A second switch selects between manual and automatic modes, while an 8-position selector offers different automatic modes. Finally, the red button in easy thumb reach executes a stroke in the manual mode. True direct control of the action.

Want to be lazy, do something else to your target, or play by yourself? Flip the switch into automatic and set the mode you like best! Review the Automatic Modes.

The hand control connects to the SOM II head unit with an XLR pro audio connector over a 10 foot cord, which provides 12 volt power from the head unit. The hand unit is fully labelled including the automatic modes, and constructed of a durable black plastic. Note that like any computer, the hand control requires reasonably careful handling and should not be dropped.

So that's how you control it, but what can it do? The SOM II can strike from butteryfly-soft to VERY hard, depending on power setting and incoming air pressure. More pressure means more striking force, up to 150 PSI (the capability of the system). Once the air pressure is set, you control the power in real time with the "Power" knob on the corded hand control. Turn the knob and instantly go from feather-soft to full powered. Maximum power puts 265 pounds of force behind the stroke! What about striking speed? While it's theoretically unlimited, the paddle does need some time to recover to the "loaded" position. This time varies a little with the striking power and machine setup, but it'll generally do about 80 full strokes per minute. That's more than one stroke every second!

Thinking Beyond the Box: A Truly Flexible Spanker

As you can see from the photos, the Spank-O-Matic II comes with an integral stand that disassembles for easy storage and transport. This stand will hold the SOM II any which way. The head both pivots and leans, both in a 360-degree arc. The head mount moves flexibly up and down the stand's vertical member, infinitely from 4" to 36" off the ground. Further, the two leg segments attach the the center of the stand independantly... they can be offset from each other, not only providing a larger footprint but allowing the machine to move very close to a bed or bench.

Stand assembly is all tool-free, using industrial channel and matching nuts secured with comfortable hand knobs. The mounting and adjustment of the head unit to its mount is achieved with the inlcuded 1/4" hex key. When broken down, the entire SOM II fits easily into a hard-sided golf bag, which I've found the ideal transport system. Complete assembly or disassembly can be donw in less than one minute. Given the high levels of force involved, the stand may benefit from some extra weight to help hold it in place for the duration of a session.

Powering The Spank-O-Matic II

As noted, any supply of compressed air will provide power for the SOM II. The included eight foot air line terminates in a 1/4" male quick disconnect. Naturally, you can attach an extended air line to reach a more distant air source.

A variety of air sources are great for the SOM II, from a complete air compressor to a holding tank filled at the local gas station. After a long search, I identified a suberb small compressor for more users. The Senco PC1010, pictured at right, is compact, quite, and inexpensive. At 20 pounds, it's super portable. At 67 decibels, you can hold a normal conversation right next to it, and not fear complaints even in an apartment. It's not large enough to fully power up the SOM II... the PC1010's pressure peaks at 115 PSI, and it's small enough that rapid striking at high power levels will overwhelm it. For most users, though, it's a great solution. I offer it below when purchasing your SOM II, and it is also available form many retailers.

Please read thelast couple of FAQ entries for additional thoughts on compressors and several model recommendations.

SOM II Features

Spank-O-Matic II is designed and built for a lifetime of use. Construction features include:

- Welded steel construction throughout
- Industrial pneumatic system components
- On-board micro-computer in comprehensive handset
- 12 volt power supply, included, powers both the head unti and hand control (and optional Automater)
- 10 foot long detachable control cord
- Integrated Power System may be used from 110 or 220 VAC power grids worldwide (International users may need a plug adapter or IEC power cord for the power supply)
- Stand disassembles for easy storage and transport
- Durable gloss black powdercoat finish
- Self-lubricating bronze bushings on pivot points
- Crystal clear 3/8" polycarbonate paddle included

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Order the Spank-O-Matic II

Base Price, complete: $800.00

On Sale Now! Sale Price, complete: $750.00

Control Option, base price includes either SOM II Hand Control or SOM2PC

Add Automater - $300.00 - Save $50 when ordered with machine [more information]

Standard shipping in the US is $35 via UPS Ground. International shipping higher. Lead time is 10-14 days from receipt of payment to outbound shipment.

Select Customer Testimonials

SOM II Owner in the UK writes:

All arrived safely, many thanks. Really pleased with the SOM too - it felt like a gamble buying something like this over the internet, but it really does deliver all you promise on your site and more. Congratulations on a great design - am very glad I choose your product over the robospanker! Thanks too for your excellent customer service and fast turn around on the order.

SOM II Owner in Dearborn, Michigan writes:

1. Overall... amazing, really impressive;
2. The power is much better than I expected;
3. Even the base controls give a lot of options/flexibility;
4. The restraint device is great... so simple yet effective;
5. The 4610a compressor is perfect for it; Aside from being soooo quiet, one of the 2 connections is regulated... so you can 'top it off' but still have a smaller pressure/airflow if desired;
6. I didn't think of this when I ordered it, but the automater really helps make it so a session can last longer;

Editor's note: the referenced compressor is a DeWalt unit, slightly larger than the Senco.

Michael Masterson of writes:

It hits harder than you could ever require. I have dialed things in with the computer control, much more from the SOMII soon. This thing is a beast, from sensual to severe with the flick of a finger. I am a very satisfied customer.

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