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Spank-O-Matic II LT

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Spank-O-Matic II LT

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Spank-O-Matic II LT

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Spank-O-Matic II LT

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Spank-O-Matic II LT

If you're just starting to learn about the Spank-O-Matic line of machines, please start with the SOM II. The pictures and text on this page focus on the uniqueness of the SOM II LT, and mostly ignore the features shared with the standard SOM II.

About the Spank-O-Matic II LT

LT stands for Light, and this machine is light in several ways. Its genesis was in the concept of a less expensive machine that doesn't compromise performance, and it's definitely lighter on your wallet. The LT is also lighter on capabilities, in it's base configuration, with limited functionality from a more basic computerized hand control. Finally, this machine is physically light, using a four-piece stand of aluminum extrusion in place of the standard SOM II's welded steel stand. The SOM II LT is definitely not light on value nor in the power department, and it doesn't limit you in the future... this machine features the standard SOM II head and is compatible with all accessories.

The SOM II LT includes a basic computerized hand control that provides a subset of the functionality delivered by the standard SOM II handset. The LT hand control includes infintely adjustable power and speed (time between strokes) knobs, a stroke button, and switches to turn on/off and select between manual and automatic operation. In manual mode, the LT handset works just like the standard version... push the button, execute one stroke at the selected power. You can, of course, adjust the power on the fly to not three settings but infinitely. Flip the switch to Auto and you get periodic operation, one stroke every so often, of the selected power and with a delay between strokes infinitely set by the Speed knob. In the order section below, you can naturally upgrade to either the standard hand control or the SOM2PC computer system.

The LT stand is assembled from high-end aluminum extrusion. This industrial material is very convenient, light in weight, and ultra-strong. It makes a very rigid stand. The two 3' long cross members come equipped with rubber feet that grip well on any surface, and won't mar or scratch. Because the stand is so light and the SOM II head so powerful, at higher settings the LT stand may require additional weight or bracing to keep it in place! The extrusion used in the SOM II LT is recycled from an industrial source. It's in great shape, but may have some minor marking.

The LT mounts up just like the standard SOM II. A welded steel carriage rides up and down on the vertical member, locking firmly in place and providing infinitely adjustable height from the floor to 36" up. A heavy duty pipe fitting connects the head to the carriage, allowing the unit to turn and angle infinitely as well. This version offers all of the excellent adjustability of the full SOM II.

SOM II LT Features

Spank-O-Matic II LT is designed and built for a lifetime of use. Construction features include:

- Welded steel heavy construction in standard SOM II head unit and carriage
- Industrial pneumatic system components
- On-board micro-computer in basic handset
- 12 volt power supply capable of operation worldwide
- 10 foot long detachable control cord
- Aluminum extrusion stand disassembles for easy storage and transport
- Self-lubricating bronze bushings on pivot points
- Crystal clear 3/8" polycarbonate paddle included

Order the Spank-O-Matic II LT

Base Price, complete: $550.00

On Sale Now! Sale Price, complete: $500.00

Control Option, base price includes LT hand control

Add Automater - $300.00 - Save $50 when ordered with machine [more information]

Standard shipping in the US is $30 via UPS Ground. International shipping higher. Lead time is 10-14 days from receipt of payment to outbound shipment.

Select Customer Testimonials

SOM II LT Owner in the SF Bay Area writes:

I'm very happy to write you a testimonial, because I absolutely LOVE my LT! Like everyone, I'm skeptical of the claims I read on the Internet, and your site certainly makes some. I feel like I could go down a list and back up every single one:

? yes, this machine hits hard!
? it's super easy to put together (thanks for the video!) and adjusts in a snap
? if you can think up a position, the SOM 2 is able to do it
? using the hand control is surprisingly like spanking someone, and provides a remarkable amount of finesse to the user
? upgrade to the full hand control, because the auto modes are cool, cool, cool
? it's very easy to take this machine back and forth to my partner's house or a party, although I found the golf case you mention way too big for it
? it's a great caning machine
? did I mention that it hits really hard?!?

Thanks so much for making this amazing spanking machine!

SOM II LT Owner in "an unnamed beachside town," Florida writes:

I have spanked myself repeatedly with my new machine over the last month, and just can't get enough of it. You have let me live out a lifelong fantasy that I never had the guts to do in real life. I am certain that spanking myself with a machine isn't the same as having a real spanker work me over, but it is as close as I am going to get and one hell of a lot better than dreaming about it. Thank from a satisfied customer (in an unnamed beachside town, please).

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