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Spank-O-Matic II

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SOM2PC Manual Tab

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SOM2PC Automatic Modes Tab

About the SOM2PC Control System

There have always been a series of things people wanted to do with their spanking machines that simply weren't possible due to limitations in the control system. The design of the Robospanker offers very little control. Even with the SOM II's computerized hand control, practicality demanded some contraint on the user inputs, thereby limiting the things you could tell the computer to do. Plus, of course, the hand control is a stand-alone device... eliminating the holy grail, running the spanker over the Internet, to spank someone far, far away!

Enter the SOM2PC Control System. A USB-based hardware interface puts the computer in control of the SOM II, and also provides an auxilliary switched port for restraint release or another toy. Combine this with the SOM2PC software and the computer has control... by itself, at your direction, or following the commands of someone halfway around the world!

As of February 2015, Version 2 of the SOM2PC software is in full release and is the only version available for download. This fully tested release provides a convenient interface and tremendous functionality. Read about the Version 2 features below. Screenshots after the order block. The SOM2PC system is fully compatible with all SOM II units.

SOM2PC Features, Version 2

- Manual tab, providing limited controls in an easy-to-use large button format
- Automatic Modes tab, providing detailed performance controls to let the computer run the machine
- Optional Burst function in automatic modes, with full user controls
- Delay Until Start lets the solo player start the action but leave themselves as much time as they need to get in position
- End Session After lets you tell the system to stop the session after a number of strokes or minutes
- Settings adjustable during automatic play, allowing on-the-fly pattern changes
- Segments tab saves and recalls automatic mode settings for instant use
- Sessions tab saves and recalls "sessions", a designed collection of segments to create a unique spanking session
- Recording tab, lets you record and replay a series of strokes... for example, record a simulation of your favorite video scene
- Send and share sessions and recordings with other users
- Native networking, enabling the software to run on one machine while controlling a spanker connected to another anywhere
- Control the TRRS electromagnetic restraint in conjunction with your spanking session

All future releases will be backwards compatible with all SOM II and SOM2PC hardware, and upgrades will always be available at no charge to SOM2PC owners.

Order the SOM2PC Control System

SOM2PC: $200.00 includes shipped hardware, link to software, and lifetime software version updates. Please note: if you are buying for an existing machine with hand control requiring a 9V battery, you MUST let me know via email following your purchase.

GenTwo Beta 1 Screenshots

As with the original application, most interaction will be through the Manual and Automatic Mode pages:

Manual Mode Page

Automatic Mode Page

Save your current settings at any time as a Segment, and combine Segments to create Sessions. Segments and Sessions are files on your hard drive that can be shared with other users.

Sessions Page

On the Recording Page, set the system to record your strokes, and use it to play back previous sessions. Recording are also shareable files. Send someone a spanking!

Recordings Page

Connect directly to another computer across a LAN or the Internet, allowing one user to runanother user's machine from anywhere in the world. Password-secured remote connection.

Network Page

Control the Timed Release Restraints System directly from the SOM2PC application, allowing easy synchronization with any spankign session. Set it to end your spanking after 100 strokes and release, or perhaps release you a couple of hours later...


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