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Spank-O-Matic II

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Spank-O-Matic II TRRS

About the Spank-O-Matic II TRRS: Timed Release Restraint System

No hokey one-size-fits-all wooden stocks with a screwdriver to release yourself in case they fail... not here! The Timed Release Restraint System, or TRRS, starts with a high-quality electromagnet rated for 600 pounds holding force. It's powered by half an amp of current at 12 volts, and sets up as a positive fail system. That is, when the timer expires OR the power goes out, it releases. It's also simple enough to rig an emergency release using a length of cord to disconnect power.

The strike plate -- a steel bar that the magnet holds in place -- incorporates a spring-loaded button that ensures a positive disconnect and a welded steel eyebolt attachment point. Complete the system with a 12V power supply and a method of timing your release... the TRRS can be powered and controlled directly from the SOM2PC control system, sharing the main SOM 12V supply, or released using any wall timer and a 12V wall wart. Note that the timer and small power supply hown in the picture are no longer included in this package.

There are several effective ways to use the TRRS. It was initially designed for use with the SOM II Bench, and works perfectly with that system. It's also flexible enough for use wherever you'd like, either as a direct restraint point or a very accurate key release. All SOM2PC systems ship with hardware preconfigured to run the TRRS, allowing timed release controlled by the computer. This functionality is under development in the current beta release.

For more about the TRRS, including usage scenarios for self-bondage, please review the TRRS User Guide.

TRRS Features

The Spank-O-Matic II TRRS is designed and built for a lifetime of use. Construction features include:

- Industrial electromagnet rated for 600 pounds of force
- Length of aluminum extrusion, two gussets w/ bolts for flexible mounting
- Tie or connection point is large eye of 3/8" diameter steel
- M-to-M power cord for use with SOM2PC computer interface

Order the SOM II TRRS

TRRS: $175.00

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