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About Testimonials

Curious what others have to say about their sex machines from Orgasm Alley? Many of my customers write me about their machines. I don't always do the best job of saving these emails to reproduce here, but a selection lives in Testimonials. This section will definitely continue to grow over time!

In keeping with my 100% privacy policy, I have chosen not to share anyone's email address, although a number of customers have offered that up. Direct permission has been granted to reproduce each of the comments that follow. If you have some feedback about your unit, I'd love to hear from you!

100% Privacy Guaranteed

In some cases, I've edited or commented portions of a customer's message. This is either at the author's request (for example, concealing their location) or because I feel it's the right thing to do (such as a negative comment identifying another maker's machine). Finally, many of these testimonials were written when my sex machines lived under the moniker "TFM" and a different model name or two, which I have edited to current terminology. Avoid confusion and such. All edits and comments by myself will be bracketed [like this].

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Customer Testimonials

Owner of a Black Magic XL in Pennsylvania:

Just wanted to tell you I've used your machine a few times now, and today I had an incredible time with it - awesome, awesome machine, and definitely a keeper! LOL. =o)

It took me a few times to get the positioning and everything down - it's a bit tricky given the weight of the motor and everything to keep adjusting things (and also to get it stable so it doesn't move [hop or slide] on higher settings, but part of that is because I'm on a hard, smooth floor as opposed to carpeting, where I think it'd stay put a bit easier...a rubber mat for it might help eventually), but I think once I've found a few positions that really work well for me it'll be easy enough to get to them - it's just trial and error for a while yet, but I had some more success today in finding some good positions. (Unfortunately where I live at present, I can't just leave it set up, but it collapses down and fits nicely out of view under my bed, which is a major boon.)

I don't mean to be too explicit here, but fair warning as I want to give you feedback on your machine. lol. I played with it a couple hours today and probably had the best fuck of my life and definitely the best solo one! Holy cow! lol. I ALMOST came just from being fucked - in fact, I did dribble a little, but eventually added just a bit of penile stimulation to send me over the edge to probably one of the most intense orgasms I've had in my life. I do think I'll eventually get to the point where I can cum from just being fucked, which is a goal for me - lol. (And since I practice electrostimulation as well, I would imagine I can get a very nice combination going there too, though it'd take some extra ambition to set that all up and tear it down/cleanup afterwards. LOL.)

While I didn't use the fleshlight adapter today, I did try it once last week, and it worked very well too! You're right - it does give Venus a run for it's money. I couldn't say which I like better at this point (they're both very different), but it is great, and I look forward to giving it some more use. =o)

Anyways, kudos on the machine. I'm very impressed! Thanks much for a great machine!

Owner of an Attache in Oregon:

Paul:::::: Just wanted to let u know that it arrived and i couldnt wait for valentines day and gave it to her last nite-----oh boy, she is in heaven or was last was quite a hit.. I asked her if she wanted me to send it back and she said,,," Dont you dare" hahhahahha-----thanks again. Oh,and by the way, she wants to get the attachment that you have for men

Thanks again

Owner of a Tripod in South Carolina:

IT IS AWESOME! I want to thank you so much for putting up with my learning curve. When I first thought of ordering a [sex machine] I wanted to pay the least possible sum of money. After all most toys (of lesser quality) end up in the trash. Claims of quality and craftsmanship are all too often understatements. Not so with you.

However, I must say, that your business practice absolutely matches your excellent quality and craftsmanship. Your tripod is perfect! I really appreciate your efforts.

Owner of a Big Daddy in a small town, New York writes:

Just a belated message to thank you for your professionalism and my great machine.

I have played quite a few times since receipt of the Big Daddy several weeks ago (I am trying to restrain myself) and in the midst of "playing" find myself awestruck (or is that awestuck?) at the awesome and pleasurable positions I find myself in. Too fucking hot!

The vac-u-lok attachments work great and I am getting the hang of the standard dildo attachment. At any rate - you completely delivered on your promises and I may soon contact you about a stand.

Thanks again, your completely satisfied customer...

[In another message]Paul- Please go ahead and use my comments. As long as my identify is concealed, I am happy to be added to the list of folks singing your praises!

I have to add that even in the midst of my "sessions", I still can't help but be appreciative of the fact that I am getting the fxxxing of my life each and every time I go to the closet to set up my Big Daddy!

Owner of a Tripod in the United Kingdom writes:

First, let me apologise for the delay in getting these pictures to you which I had promised quite some time ago. My digital camera had died and I have only just now got a replacement.

To refresh you memory, I recently purchased a tripod machine but had it shipped without the tripod itself (easier to ship to the UK). I have quite an amount of modular frame parts and can easily fabricate a support a structure for the machine. The attached photos show how the machine was configured so that it could be attached to a custom frame. The bracket shown was simply attached to the frame with a single bolt through the existing location hole in the machines support bracket. A matching threaded hole was tapped in the aluminium bracket so that the bracket itself was located against the side rail of the machine and therefore could not move. Even though there is only one bolt holding the assembly together, the machine is sufficiently rigid in use. I could of drilled and tapped additional holes but they did not seem necessary. Please let me know if you need any more details.

Finally, just to say I'm very pleased with the machine and it has performed faultlessly over many hours.

Owner of a Big Daddy in Glendale, California writes:

Received Big Daddy, everything appears to be in good working condition. I need to get familiar with Big Daddy so we can write you about the experience/s

However, I need to commend you on your professionalism. It has been truly a pleasure doing business with you. You are very precise, you kept me updated from the moment I requested information from you. To receiving Big Daddy. You are GREAT man!!!!

Owner of a Marauder XL in Conniticut writes:

Just a quick note to let you know the TFM arrived safely. I have to compliment you on the fit and finish of the unit. It's smaller, lighter and quieter than I had expected. I'm very impressed!

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