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Owner of a Marauder in undisclosed location writes:

I'm really enjoying the [Marauder].. it's almost addictive.

Not sure if any other customers have done this, but I used the TFM while hooked up to estim (electro-stimulation from on my cock and balls. I've been doing e-stim for a couple years, and have the TFM, but put the two together for the first time tonight... and WOW! mighty intense orgasm! I've never felt anything like it... very unique and very pleasureable. I will definitely use this combo again.

And my Fleshlight works great with the [unit] too.

[Follow-up message:]P.S. Just used it again tonight! Whew!! Damn good!

Owner of a Marauder in South Carolina writes:

I must say, in ref to what is written below, having been raised in Fort Apache, the Bronx, New York-I am quite capable of some rather colorful rhetoric. Your craftsmanship is much above that! As a kid in the street I came to realize that you will be known by what you do and how you do it. Much like one's penmanship would indicate if one had gone to school. Hence, you will be known for your excellence - your signature.

[In another message:]Your sense, candor and commitment to your craft are commendable. I read some of the testimonials. I'm not sure I would have expressed myself as some of them have but I surely see why. I've had time to play with my new toy. I am satiated beyond measure! It is well worth the money. There are some things worth repeating. Your excellence is your signature!

[In another message:]Now for some more accolades. They are in order. Some things are worth repeating! The fact that you have made a reality that which people have been imagining is commendable. However, I don't see it as a FM. I find that name unacceptable. It is a masturbating device. It is a robotic slave. A Sex Machine! Satisfaction on Demand! I believe these terms are more to the point.

On a more serious note. The fact that I have this sex on demand robot has provided me with a level of satisfaction that exudes peace and tranquility. I have no problem with my relationships. Still it would be unfair to make certain demands of others (at times). If ever I feel the need for more out of the ordinary, I can turn to the machine. An alternative without consequence. AKA a Safe Sex Machine! Well done Mr Sartan [Paul]!

Owner of a Stallion in the United Kingdom writes:

I would recommend you to anyone, without hesitation. Your machine is a superior piece of equipment. The detail and care you put in are clear in every bit of it, and it is truly a pleasure to own and use such a beautiful machine. Thank you for making a huge fantasy into reality.

Owner of a Hole Saw in San Francisco writes:

[Quotes added for clarity:] "Daddy" asked me to write to you about our Hole Saw, telling you what I think of it. All I can think to say is "Oh my God oh my God!!!" That's what I yell when he's working the trigger, so I might as well say it to you too! We, especially me, are very very happy with our machine!

Owner of a Big Daddy in Maryland writes:

I received my new [sex machine] yesterday. I am very impressed, the machine is amazing. My wife and I love it.

[In a second message:] Your responsive customer service is much appreciated and again the [unit] you built for me is an absolute masterpiece. We love it. And yes you may excerpt portions of my message for the testimonials section, I would be honored.

Your professionalism is much appreciated.

Owner of a Marauder in Phoenix writes:

First off: even though I had read the description of the machine and the testimonials and some of your workshop materials, it still came as a pleasant surprise to discover the remarkable craftsmanship you put into [my machine]. Most of the machines I've seen on the 'net have been pretty utilitarian; your machine looks like it was put together by someone who manufactures fine musical instruments. I'm impressed.

Of course, its looks aren't the only thing we enjoy about the machine. It's quiet and has a reasonably smooth action - there's a little bit of a shudder and the slowest speeds, but I actually enjoy that. It has more power than I would have guessed from its size and weight. I thought that, being a machine, the experience might end up seeming too "mechanical", but actually the machine is a lot more interesting and versatile than most guys manage to be. That plus its staying power are making the [sex machine] a real popular guest around here.

This has got to be a near perfect portable machine.

I probably don't have the right words to thank you for your craftmanship - actually, it's been mostly moans and gurgles of delight here since [the machine] arrived. So the best I can do is simply, "Thanks a whole bunch".

Owner of a Tripod in undisclosed location writes:

You delivered in spades on our gorgeous [sex machine]. Our members adore the Tripod machine. It doesn't have a moment's rest when the club is open. We have to put a sign-up sheet out on Saturday for the following weekend, and every slot is taken by 10! Machine fucking has caught on unbelievably fast around here.

Owner of an Invader in Japan writes:

My Invader is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use. My wife and I have used it every night for three weeks I think. We also leave it out all of the time to show our friends, but don't let them use it. I hope they will order from you. You have a fine business and high quality product.

Owner of a Marauder in Boston writes:

Hey, got my unit awhile ago but wanted to say it is awesome. great quality work and great ordering process.


Owner of a Stallion in Newport Beach writes:

My new machine rocks! The speed, power, and hard pumping are just what I was looking for, and what I had expected from [other maker's name removed]. Thank you for the reassurances, without which I never would have bought this beauty.

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