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Customer Testimonials (Page 3)

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Owner of an Attache in Michigan writes:

Much to my amazement [customer's wife, name removed] got right into it only after a couple minutes. She got off twice before she took care of me. What a great experience and afterwards her comment was that was "OK no it was better than OK it was Great"!! "Anytime you want to set the machine up again it's fine with me"!

Thanks for supplying some much needed diversion and excitement into our relationship. Would highly recommend your product to anyone who's sexlife is getting routine, dull, and in need of stimulation.

Owner of a Double Custom in Ireland writes:

I love my new toy. Thank you so much for the wonderful job. I never knew there could be such an amazing feeling as when both dildos are running. I can barely hold still without blowing up!

Owner of a modified Marauder, which later became the Big Daddy, in Florida writes:

Buster [owner's name for machine] arrived Sat. evening. What a fantastic machine! Everything about it makes me happy - the look, the quiet operation, the power, the smooth ride - WOW! The 2 plug system makes it incredibly easy to set-up and operate. The hammered gray finish on the control box is so sleek and sexy! Thanks for a perfect job! I'm already talking it up on ButtMachineBoys.

I'm so glad I chose your unit over a couple of others that I had considered. The possibilities for having fun with this puppy are endless! Thanks again for all the extra planning and special attention to detail. I'll look forward to hearing from you. (please find some time to work on that spinner attachment).

With DEEP satisfaction, :')

[Spinner attachment is longstanding (and ongoing) development project.]

Owner of a Marauder in San Francisco writes:

Finally got a chance to use my new toy and I LOVE IT!!!!
Made me cum within 10 seconds...and yes it is fast and hard enough.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for my new boyfriend.

Owner of an Attache in Germany writes:

The fucking machine is great. Your workmanship is very fine and good attention to detail. You should say more about the quiet. I thought it would make more sound.

Owner of a Marauder in a small rural town writes:

OK, so I can't get enough of my [sex machine]. Today was the third time I've moved up to a bigger dildo.... ten inches now! How embarrassing!!! Thanks for all of your advice and help picking just the right thing for me!

Owner of a modified Marauder and adjustable stand in Los Angeles writes:

I ordered a [other maker's machine name removed] at the same time I ordered my [Orgasm Alley unit]. Thought you would like to know that the [other machine] is going back. It doesn't have enough power to fuck an ass. Your machine keeps going no matter what, and that's exactly what I'm after.

You were right about the speed. I saw the HBO show with the guy talking about 160 RPM [strokes per minute] like it was very fast, and I thought for sure 180 would be too fast for butt fucking. I actually wish I could get a little more speed. Also, is there any way you could put a button on the control box that makes the [machine] go to full speed while it's held down? I would love to go from very slow to slamming in an instant.

You've been great to buy from. When my friends want to use my [machine], I'll tell them where to get their own instead.

[An optional control with "full speed" button is in development.]

Owner of a Toolbox in New Jersey writes:

I love you! Here are some pictures ;)

Owner of a custom Sit-On Thruster in Colorado writes:

wanted to let you kow that the package got here and looks like it's in good shape. never should have had you send this thing to my work. i haven't gotten a thing done with it sitting next to my desk.

i haven't eaten, haven't had anything to drink, i barely got off my new friend to write you this email. thanks from one very satisfied customer. think i'll call in sick tommorrow.

Owner of a Toolbox in undisclosed location writes:

My husband bought me a Sybian machine about three years ago. He likes to watch me ride it and it has seen a LOT of use. I bought a [Orgasm Alley machine] to return the favor! [Everyone should have a wife like you ;)] We both LOVE it. J really likes watching the in and out action, and I love the sore feeling of really good hard sex after. We've spent hours with me going from one to the other until I just can't anymore. Thanks for the GREAT [machine]!

Owner of a Marauder XL in Gadsden, Alabama writes:

We received the MarauderXL yesterday right on schedule, and in perfect condition. I found myself struck by the mechanical elegance of it. You are a true craftsman and the passion you have for your work is abundantly clear in the quality your equipment demonstrates. Our initial experiments with it were earth-shattering to say the least. We did good research and chose the right model for us :). When we are ready for an upgrade, however, your products are the only ones for us!

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