The standard Strap System measures 3-1/8″ x 1-1/2″ and uses a floating strap around its base with two tails that secure the dildo. This design is well-suited to dildos with a wide or flared base, up to what I’ll call “large” dildos… generally perhaps 2″ diameter by 10″ length or so.

Many people, however, need to hold bigger — often much, much bigger — dildos. Hence the Oversized Strap Systems. These dildo holders have larger platforms, from 3″ x 4″ to 8″ square. They also have two independently adjustable straps that secure to steel bars beneath the platform, and can be cinched quite tightly. The Oversized Strap Systems are suited to dildos of any size and weight, as long as the have a flared base.

Sizing the Oversized Standard System is important. Generally, the platform should be close to the dimensions of the dildo’s base. There are two scenarios:

Dildos WITH a suction cup base. These dildos — most Bad Dragon toys, for example — feature a useful suction cup base than provides quite a lot of holding force. To measure for an OSS, suck the dildo onto a smooth surface and measure the base. An appropriate OSS should be at least this size.

Dildos WITHOUT a suction cup base. When sizing for these dildos, simply measure the size of the base at rest. An ideal OSS will be this size or slightly smaller. You can use an OSS larger than your dildo… how much depends on the height of the flare or balls on the dildo. If your dildo has a very short flare (like a thin rim), the OSS size should be very close to the size of the base. Big fat balls will give quite a bit more leeway.