Orgasm Alley Contact Information

I’m always willing to answer any questions you may have — before, during, or after a sale. I prefer email, as the queued nature of the beast allows me to schedule my time more effectively. I typically answer email inquiries within 24 hours. You are certainly also welcome to call, and I have a toll free number for your convenience should you prefer to do so.

If you decide to call, please understand that I am occasionally in the midst of a process that can’t be put on hold… I may not be able to chat at the moment! I will, however, call you back or indicate a better time. Select option 3 from the menu after dialing the number below. This will try to reach me if your call arrives between 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM in the Central timezone, or provide an opportunity to leave a message at any time.

Contact Paul by email:

Contact Paul by phone: (888)380-8840 in the US/Canada, from other countries please email for accessible number