AirCuff powered restraints are operated by applying and removing 12VDC, and powered by compressed air.  Their most unique trait is that, when powered, they forcefully close upon the subject… as though they have been physically grabbed.  Quite the psychological rush!

A pair of these restraints require very little compressed air to close, and while there may be slight leaking past the piston they really do not have ongoing consumption thereafter.  The cuffs hold closed with 44 pounds of force per 100 PSI of input air pressure.  These cuffs were designed as a compliment to the Spank-O-Matic, as SOM owners must already have a compressed air source, but obviously are not limited to that scenario.

AirCuffs are infinitely adjustable, and should be set to loosely contact the subject’s wrists (or ankles, biceps, etc) when closed.  They open to provide an additional foot of strap to provide easy access in and out.  Adjustment is by two Phillips screws, which secure two layers of strapping behind a steel plate.  AirCuffs may be purchased with nylon, rubber, or leather straps.  Any material that’s at least 1/2″ or so wide could also be used for strapping, with a maximum width of 1-3/4″.  The base plate on each AirCuff provides two 5/16″ mounting holes suited for use with the Bench’s aluminum extrusion or any other location into which you can place bolts or screws.

One unique consideration compared to OA’s other powered restraints: the occupant’s limb(s) must be in the cuffs before they are powered.  Once closed, you cannot work your hand in there, any more than you can get it out!

The system has the following components and accessories:

– AirCuff: one air cuff restrains one limb, comes with one strap in material of your choice, and includes a 90-degree swiveling push-to-connect fitting for 1/4″ supply line.

– Valve: the solenoid control valve comes equipped with 12VDC dongle, incoming air line with quick connect fitting, and outbound push-to-connect fitting for 1/4″ supply line.

– Air Splitter: pneumatic splitter with one input and two output quick connect fittings, used to turn one compressor output into two (as for a SOM and AirCuffs).

– Line Set: the standard line set includes 10 feet of black polyurethane 1/4″ air hose and an in-line push-to-connect Y fitting, sufficient to connect two AirCuffs to one valve, with a long lead from valve to restraint location.  Additional air hose is available by the foot shipped as a single piece, and Y Fittings are available individually.

– Right angle stand-offs: 90 degree brackets attach to each AirCuff and change the direction of limb entry to the cuff, in addition to standing off the mounting surface by about three inches.  Each bracket comes with two bolts to attach an AirCuff.

The following “system” configurations provide a bit of a discount from buying the components individually:

– The AirCuffs System with Two Restraints includes (2) AirCuffs, (1) Valve, (1) Line Set.

– The AirCuffs System with Four Restraints includes (4) AirCuffs, (1) Valve, (20 feet) air hose, (3) Y Fitting.