Spank-O-Matic SOM2PC Control System

The SOM2PC control system is designed to provide comprehensive control of your SOM spanker from your PC. The software side of SOM2PC runs on a Windows device and has two required components: the Phidgets library and the SOM2PC application.

Prelude: .NET Framework

SOM2PC requires the .NET Framwework v2.0. The required files will download and install during the process below (you’ll need to agree) except on Windows 11.

Windows 11 users must manually activate .NET 3.5 in the Optional Features application. Use the search bar to find Optional Features and enable .NET 3.5 before proceeding.

Phidget Library Installation

SOM2PC uses a USB device called a Phidget as the heart of the system hardware. This component talks to your computer using a library provided by the device manufacturer. This application requires the 21 version of the Phidgets Driver, as the 22 update is not backwards compatible. In 2023, some Windows change now means a specific older version of the 21 drivers is required for installation. You must now download the installer package at the appropriate link.



SOM2PC Application Installation

Use the Download button below to get the SOM2PC application in a ZIP file. You will need to extract the contents, and run setup.exe to install. Download


The hardware interface replaces your SOM controller, and connects to the PC through USB and to the spanker through an XLR plug. The SOM2PC interface is powered through the XLR connection…. the SOM power supply must be connected to the head for the system to function.

You will note a power jack on the SOM2PC black box. This is an output, and not an alternate connector for the SOM power supply. This jack provides 12VDC output power to operate accessory devices, and may be turned on and off from the SOM2PC software.

While the interface hardware is not terribly fragile, it shouldn’t be banged around either.